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Vape liquids manufacturer in Europe – our product quality

Vape liquids manufacturer in Europe – our product quality

We are one of the largest  manufacturers of vape liquids in Europe. We rely on top quality standards both in terms of raw materials, packaging and service and we export vape liquids all around the globe (see here); our clients are the biggest and most popular vape shops in the entire Europe. We take part in international exhibitions on regular basis, where you can meet our super energetic team and taste all our vape liquids. Follow us in Instagram and you will find out news of our next exhibitions.

Taking into account the recent events in vape industry, we suggest purchasing vape liquids from reliable manufacturers, who use high quality vape liquids ingredients. There are people who make vape liquidus at home and this increases the risk,  why people will choose making vape liquids at home due to financial reasons, which increases the risk of poor quality vape liquids flooding the market. Our production plant performs tests of the vape liquid quality, so that our smokers would receive top quality products.

Why choose our products?

  1. Top quality vape liquid – we use the highest quality ingredients in all our vape liquid mixtures, including nicotine sourced from Switzerland;
  2. We take into consideration any potential risks and employ emissions testing, registrations and CLP ingredient breakdowns in addition to all warnings and instructions considered to be consistent with a high level of consumer protection.
  3. ISO Certification – Our commitment to continually improving our production capabilities ensures we’re one of the best-equipped e-liquid manufacturers in the industry.
  4. We make sure that all our product ranges conform to CLP 1272/2008 Regulation. We supply all our products with Safety Data Sheets and packaging in compliance with CLP and REACH regulations;

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