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Nicotine snus pouches SALT Nord Snus Spearmint 16 mg

Article Number 5745000201129
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Brand Salt by Nord Snus
Flavor Spearmint

SALT from Nord Snus with Spearmint flavor are thin tobacco-free nicotine snus pouches with a good sweet and at the same time fresh taste. Did you know that spearmint, or from lat. Méntha spicáta is a kind of mint that looks like peppermint? It is a perennial plant native to Europe and Asia, but now usually grows on five continents around the world. Nicotine pouches with the addition of pleasant notes of spearmint, with a slight cool effect, not very strong but at the same time not too weak. Cool that all this is tobacco-free!

SALT from Nord Snus tobacco-free nicotine snus pouches with Spearmint flavor will make you feel fresh and tasteful all day long! 

SALT from Nord Snus - tobacco-free nicotine snus pouches that will help you to quit regular tobacco cigarettes.

Salt from Nord Snus products are very easy to use. No one can see what is under your lip, as the tobacco-free nicotine snus pouch itself is thin and small. You can use SALT pouches while you work, during long trips, parties or at home when you are relaxing.

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