OUR MISSION AND VALUES | Pro-Vape Manufacturer




Mutual trust is the basis for a positive and fruitful relationship between alliance partners.

Trust forms the foundations of our well-established and long-term customer relationships.

We also deeply appreciate our employees and treat each other fairly and with trust.

We see honesty and appreciation as the basis for trusting, successful and long-term collaboration with our market partners and colleagues.

As a fair and understanding partner, we create individual, innovative packaging solutions.

We are curious and understanding about different people and cultures. Based on our many years of experience in the market, we are also proud and confident.

We have a thirst for learning and are creative and flexible in our thinking and conduct.

We constantly develop innovative packaging solutions, thus becoming a pioneer for change on the market.

We are proud to be a lean organization. This is the best prerequisite for successful and target-oriented work.

We create effective solutions and concepts with passion and a focus on success.

Continuous dialogue with customers, openness to their specific requirements…coupled with a passionate commitment to finding the best solution for them, are important fundamental principles to us.

We place great emphasis on regular communication with our clients.

As a reliable European partner, we stand by our word.

Our promises are always binding.

We guarantee long-term, continuous evaluation and implementation: internally for our employees and colleagues, and externally for our customers and partners.

We assume responsibility for our people and nature.

We see a balance between economic success and social responsibility as an inherent part of our partnership.

We are acutely aware of our commitment to sustainability. We assume responsibility for our people and nature and organise our everyday business and actions in a sustainable, long-term manner.