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Disposable POD e-cigarette Salt Switch Lush Ice 20mg

Article Number 4752242000022
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Brand Salt Switch
Flavor Lush Ice
Number of puffs 450
Battery capacity 350 mAh

Salt Switch with Lush Ice flavor is created for true lovers of rich and pronounced taste!
It is a modern disposable pod system and the best solution to get the most out of your pod experience.
The device does not require maintenance, and thanks to its compact size you can always carry it with you! Another plus is that the cigarette leaves absolutely no odor on clothes!

The Salt Switch case is only 103mm long and is made of aluminum alloy and plastic. The coating is very pleasant to the touch, and the device itself sits well in the hand.

Each device is filled with a delicious premium quality liquid with good, strong nicotine, which will give you a feeling of fullness after the first breath.

The line includes refreshing flavors of your favorite fruits and berries, with or without chill. This will make it easier to choose the right taste just for you! It should be noted that the taste in the new Salt Switch is distinguished by a natural, rich aroma, which distinguishes it from many analogues.

Its benefits do not end there, Salt Switch contains 2 ml of liquid, which is enough for 450 puffs.


-- Comfort in use (fits very comfortably in the palm of your hand)

-- Each cigarette includes 450 puffs

-- Not whimsical to rainy weather

-- Challenging color palette

-- A huge number of fruit cocktails

-- No fluid replacement

-- No battery replacement

-- Intense and rich smoky taste

-- A good original and sophisticated gift

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