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Nord Snus

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Nord Snus

SALT by NORD SNUS is a tobacco-free nicotine pouches that help you quit regular tobacco cigarettes.

Nord Snus products are very discreet and easy to use. No one will see what you have under your lip, as the nicotine pouch itself is thin and small. You can use SALT pouches while at work, on long trips, at parties, or at home when relaxing.

Take the pack, slightly unscrew the perforation on the side sticker. Remove the lid and place the pouch under your upper lip, and you're done. We also recommend that for maximum enjoyment of the product, use it from 5 minutes to 1:00. You will feel a slight tingling sensation that is caused by the release of nicotine under your lip. This sensation will diminish over time. After use, discard the pouch in the special waste compartment at the top of the lid.