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Advantages of Trademark Registration

1.Exclusive Identification:

A trademark helps your consumers & audience to identify uniquely the product & service provided by you. It builds up an image in the marketplace. It becomes the face of the company by which your products and services are recognized.Registering your trademark also ensures that you are the only owner of that particular symbol, logo, name, etc. and can’t be misused by any other trader.

2.Legal protection:

It delivers certain legal protections to the proprietor and once the trademark is registered the owner has the power to sue any third party who tries to infringe the existing trademark. It protects from the following situations:Before any trader creates their trademark, there is no chance of Trademark infringement as in the research process they will find your trademark in the Trademark Database/Trademark Registry.Trademark infringement as in the research process they will find your trademark in the Trademark Database/Trademark Registry.If any other trader tries to register the same brand name as their trademark, then they will certainly be objected in the first place by the Trademark Office. In case you discover anybody using your trademark you get the right to claim infringement case under certain conditions.

3.Building up Trust/Goodwill:

Serving to public with the quality product under the registered trademark helps you to build up trust/loyalty of your consumers. A registered trademark also portrays that you personally care about your brand which further passes on positive values about your brand in public.

4.Global Permits:

A trademark registration in India will also help you getting exposed to the global market under the International Trademark system. NRI & Foreigners can also register trademark in EU entities can register trademark at a global level.

5.Protection from Infringement Claims:

If your trademark is registered, then you are safe from the infringements claims that you will come across. As your trademark is recorded in the registry, you will have proper legal evidence to defend your trademark.

6.The value in the Market:

Having a trademark gives a standard to the product and services in the market which further builds up Value of the brand i.e. brand entity. It becomes easy to spot your company/brand in the marketplace.File your trademark now to protect your brand, and if you want it easy & quick, then we are there to help you Company Registration Online in EU