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Distributors: A distributor is a wholesaler who assumes extra responsibility. In addition to fulfilling retailer orders, they actively sell products on behalf of the producers. From managing orders and returns to acting as a sales representative, they go beyond being the middleman between retailers and producers. They perform market analysis and are constantly searching for new opportunities to achieve peak sales performance. A distributor focuses on a particular area and market which allows them to cultivate strong relationships with manufacturers. Unlike a wholesaler, they most likely have a stronger affiliation with particular companies. Distributors have a direct responsibility to making sure products are flying off retail shelves. For example, one distributor may work out an agreement with a popular beverage company who works with them regularly, whereas wholesalers are used on a need-by-need basis. They have the option to sell to retailers and other sellers, or directly to consumers and businesses.

Wholesalers: A wholesaler fulfills orders of retailers, by reselling goods, often in large quantities for manufacturers. Wholesalers purchase in bulk, typically, which lowers the price, from either distributors or manufacturers. This allows wholesalers to make a profit because they are able to sell the to retailers in smaller packages that yield higher prices. Unlike distributors, wholesalers only deal with the storage and delivery of goods. But, in certain cases, you have to go through a wholesaler to get to a distributor.

Retailers: Retailers are the outlets where consumers can purchase products. This is your local grocery store or Walmart down the street. They can sell through storefront locations or through online channels. Retailers purchase products from distributors or wholesalers.